REM - Research on Education and Media, VI, no. 2, December 2014


Education, Culture and Technology: Educational policies, research and new methodologies

by Monica Fantin


Susana Cortés-Morales, Pia Christensen

Unfolding the Pushchair. Children’s Mobilities and Everyday Technologies

Maria Florencia Ripani

Education and Digital Culture: Constructions of the One-to-one Learning Programme in Buenos Aires City

Elisa Maria Quartiero, Monica Fantin

Education-Research in School: Places and authorships in question


Juana Maria Sancho Gil, Adriana Ornellas

Growing and learning in multidimensional surroundings. Connecting inside and outside school experiences

Lorella Giannandrea, Laura Fedeli

Applyng a flexible approach in a professionalizing online course: a case study

Pablo Maraver López, Ángel Mojarro Aliaño, José Ignacio Aguaded Gómez

Social Network Analysis of a Blended Learning experience in higher education

Pier Cesare Rivoltella

Episodes of Situated Learning. A New Way to Teaching and Learning

Roberto Diodato

On the Sense of Aesthetic Experience





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